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How loan decline data can improve your Facebook marketing

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When I speak to debt clients about a loan decline market I often sense a lack of interest. Debt counsellors are reacting to loan decline data like some people react to debt review- not interested. But just like debt review has it’s benefits, so does loan decline data when it’s in the hands of the right person.

Cold campaign data will always have different results for everyone. One client can take 1000 records and come back to me and tell me it’s not working. Other client can generate R200 000 worth of business from the same size market from the same supplier. That is why sales success has everything to do with the way you use the data once it’s in your care.

I have years experience in running campaigns so data is invaluable in my hands. I can think of a dozen different ideas to work the data to achieve results. If you want data or cold leads to work for you, you should consider the same. Remember a cold market is traffic- not leads. It’s like having a business stand at a shopping mall. You pay your money to have the opportunity to stand there and hope the people will come by and listen to what you say. There are no guarantees. Your success is determined by the people who speak to you and if they have a direct need for your product.

You need to think of data in the same way. It’s an audience of people that could be interested and you need to find them and work your magic to close them.

A few weeks ago I ran a survey and I asked who was interested in Facebook advert marketing. Most of my responses came from the debt industry. They had also indicated that they were not monetizing their current Facebook campaigns.
Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t always work. I am targeted to sign up for debt review even though I am not an ideal client. I think Facebook is serving me debt review adverts because I post about debt on my profile. So all these companies are paying Facebook advertising budget to market to me. If it’s happening to me- can you imagine how many of your competitors receive your advert?

Facebook still has the biggest market share. They also have the best targeting capabilities out of all the advertising platforms. All you need to do to fix your campaigns is guide Facebook on how to find your ideal client.

This is important in South Africa where our population has different social and income dynamics. If you look at mass market it’s around 20 million people that earn under R7000 per month. This is below the ideal salary bracket for debt campaigns but these people are still on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t hold income information for South Africans so you can’t tell the LSM of your audience. You can filter according to area, age and interest.

We know that LSM and over-indebtedness are important indicators to find the right client for debt. In the rest of this article I will explain how you can use loan decline data to make this possible on Facebook.

Why loan decline data

Loan decline data is one of the only ways that we can identify an over-indebted market. We know that this market has a need for credit but they don’t qualify for finance so it’s the perfect profile.Yes there are a lot of “loan zombies” (the ones fixated on finding a loan), but there are also good clients ready for your help. The loan decline data gives us access to people that we can use to find more people like them on Facebook.

How to help Facebook find better clients for your debt campaigns

Facebook has revolutionized online marketing with their tracking pixel. The pixel is a software tracking code that you install on your website. This pixel allows Facebook to collect data about the people that visit your website. If a visitor is active on Facebook the pixel will link to the person’s personal profile on Facebook. Facebook uses the information to build a profile of the type of person that could visit your website.

There are 2 ways you can use the pixel to improve your campaigns:

1. Build a look alike audience to find similar people on Facebook

2. Serve retargeting adverts to people that already visited your website

Both of these options are powerful for your Facebook advertising results.

Once you have installed the tracking pixel on your website, you will need to drive traffic to your website. This is where the loan decline data will serve you well.

You can use the loan decline data to run sms campaigns with your website link. When the person receives the sms and clicks on the link, Facebook will track the profile on Facebook. If you run a retargeting advert you can serve the same person a follow up message on Facebook. The next time they login to Facebook, your message will appear in their newsfeed. Imagine the power of a person seeing your advert on 2 platforms? It creates curiosity to find out more.

The data Facebook collects allows you to create a look a like audience to find similar people. Use the audience for your paid adverts to find ideal clients on Facebook.

From one sms campaign you can generate traffic to your website and hot leads. And as I have shown above you can benefit from the data to help your Facebook campaigns as well.

To ensure this strategy works you need to have a reliable loan decline data supply.

You should be one hundred percent certain your market is correct for this campaign. The 10c-25c data records on the market is great for the upfront spend, but no guarantees on the results. If you want Facebook to find the right clients you must make sure you feed it accurate data. If it’s random data that you think is declined loan leads, you can get a random market that will fail your results. You will waste on sms credits and your Facebook budget.

Rather spend on quality leads for your correct market so your campaign works out like you expect.

Also be sure to use a message that targets your client. If your advertising is vague or misleading to draw numbers, it could affect your results. The idea is to find people in the market that resonate with your message. So if your message sounds like a loan offering, you will attract people looking for a loan and not a debt relief. A message that is relevant to your product will attract better traffic.

Data supply & sms platform

We offer a premium decline loan solution that you can utilize for your campaigns.

We have validated numbers with a high delivery rate as shown in the image above for volume campaigns.
There are also daily decline leads and declines with salary for specific targeting.

You can also use our sms platform to buy credits to send traffic. And if you need this all managed, speak to me about a campaign management solution. We have a great sms hack for generating more traffic.

I hope you can see the value loan decline data has to offer you.

Please do get in touch to secure your records Today.

Visit to read up about our solutions.

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