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How to prospect for better leads

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In this video I will teach you how you can improve your lead generation strategy and massively reduce your marketing spend.

I know a lot of brands are battling with direct sales prospecting now. We also had a disappointing response with our prospecting campaigns.

I am following marketing experts all over the globe, and they have all indicated that it is not a direct prospecting time now due to the pandemic. I see the same result.

The high level of uncertainty and not knowing when life will return to normal is impacting decision making so it’s not a direct prospecting market.

Consider this

60% of consumers surveyed feel that companies are trying to take advantage of them with sales during the pandemic.

Technology also exposes people to more advertising today than ever before. This has made it more difficult for you to gain your ideal prospects attention with a direct sales pitch.

They have their guard up and your offer doesn’t sound appealing like you think it does.

As you know from your sales conversions only 3% of your prospects are ever ready to buy now.

Right now however, with the volatility and uncertainty in the markets, and with everyone questioning their spending, that number is likely even less.

That means that 97-99% of your ideal clients are not ready to buy now, but we know that they will have a need for your product or service at some point in time.

If you look at it differently this is also your market that will feed you sales leads in the future.

How you pitch your product or service to the market will affect the end result.

If you use the wrong approach you will not have an emotional connection with the audience and the result will be poor interest.

Your market is always moving and it’s important that you align your marketing strategy with current market trends for best results.

I would like to show you how sales prospecting is hurting your business in the long run and how you can change your campaigns so you see real return on your investment.

When you send a message to the market that directs clients to take action now. You will find that only 1-3% of your market is willing to listen to your message.

By focusing your campaign on interested buyers you are excluding 97% of your market that can become client’s over time.

You get one opportunity to catch your audience’s attention with your sales campaign.

In this image I show you the results from our last direct prospect campaign. We sent out a targeted email to businesses with a good offer and we had a poor response.

We only received 7 leads from our campaign which worked out very expensive cost per lead of R600.

The campaign did not deliver results because we approached a cold audience with a direct sale offer. As you can see only a few people had a need for the service and responded to the offer. The rest of the audience wasn’t interested so our results were poor.

Now with an audience or subscriber prospecting campaign, you are building an audience of ideal prospects that can feed you leads over time.

You are approaching a cold audience to make a connection and not to pitch an offer. With no sales pressure your message will appeal to a larger segment and more people will be interested in what you have to say. They know there is no financial pressure or commitment needed now to find out more information about your business.

A prospecting campaign makes it possible for you to build an investment that can feed you better leads over time.

In the image you will see results from one of our current subscriber campaign. Our focus is to build an audience of people interested in connecting with our business.

As you can see the response rate is much better. It only costs us R37 per lead to find a subscriber. This is a much more affordable way to connect with your ideal client. We will have unlimited opportunities to connect and share information about our products and services that builds trust. The subscribers will convert to leads when they are ready.

The result is we end up with better leads and we spend less effort to find them.

The key to sales is not to be selling all the time. It’s in the magic of the consistent follow up.

To close the 97% of prospects that are not ready to buy now you need a winning strategy that includes a consistent follow up.

Through engagement and being persistent, you will be able to tap into the 97% of prospects and move them into the 3% of people who are willing to have a conversation now.

I know some clients watching this video may be thinking that a follow up system sounds like a lot of work.

You may be worried about finding the time to introduce this into your business, especially if you are already feeling overwhelmed with your current responsibilities.

You may also not have the skilled employees that can manage an engagement or follow up strategy for your business.

That’s why we developed a solution where you can leverage our skill and expertise in your business through our lead generation system.

We can set up and run a full strategy that will find you new subscribers and convert them into leads ready to speak to your sales team.

The first component of our system is the software.

We use an email marketing software tool called Mailerlite that is an all in one software tool geared for email marketing.

We have worked on Mailerlite for 4 years now and we just love their software. I work with about 6 different email software providers and Mailerlite is my favorite because they understand what we need for email marketing.

We do all the set up work for you on Mailerlite.

We will create your account and set up all your details for approval.

Once the account is approved we will proceed to start with your set up.

The landing page is a one page website that is separate from your website and is used for marketing campaigns. The reason why we use a separate landing page is to ensure there are no distractions and all traffic is directed to opt into your database.

Once the subscriber joins your mailing list, they will enter into a work flow that will send strategic emails to your subscribers over a few days. We will start with a welcoming email and then send 3 emails with different content leading the clients to take action.

We have years experience in email marketing and we know what converts and what to say when. This is very important for making the correct first impression so your system is a success.

We also have extra services available for clients that want to take their marketing to the next level.

For the video we will create a story with HD video clips, text and music to bring your landing page to life.

Psycho graphic targeting is basically the ability to segment your audience based on more data points of information that you set up. For example you can set up triggers to segment your data by steps the client takes or information they give you. This makes it possible to offer a more relevant offer to your audience based on their interests.

The software will run your tasks for you and execute them every time at the right time. You don’t have to worry about distractions, load shedding or sick employees.

You pay us once to set up the work for you and then you let it run in the background.

Once you have your email system ready to rock n roll. The next step is to work on finding subscribers.

Here we use our awareness traffic campaigns to send your landing page to ideal clients and ask them to join your subscriber list.

To get a good response we recommend that you offer something of value that you know your ideal client would want. This will serve as a hook to entice them to subscribe.

Competitions, discounts, special content or a course are all examples of hooks you can use to generate more interest.

There are various campaign options that you can use to generate traffic and grow your audience.

For email marketing campaigns,you can choose between a mass send or a targeted campaign. The mass send will distribute traffic all over South africa. It’s not segmented so it’s best suited for clients that want to cast a wide net for subscribers.
It works very well for B2B traffic.

For the targeted campaign options, we have various options available for business and consumer focused campaigns. This would be best suited for niche products and services.

We also have sms campaign options to reach people on their mobile device.

If you are running social media campaigns, you can incorporate your landing page in to your Facebook marketing strategy. It’s a good way to get people off Facebook because they are not always ready to do business right now.

I’ve added call center agents as an option for clients that already have a call center. If your agents speak to a client and they are not interested now, why not offer them the option to subscribe to your mailing list? This could be a great way to use the lead generation system to optimize your call center campaigns.

If you have other lead sources running you can also use them to add to your list.

Anyone that has ever engaged with your business should be on your mailing list.

The final part to the system is engaging with your subscribers and converting them into leads.

Initially your prospects will be warmed up by the automation but that will only be for the first 2 weeks.

Your lead generation system is an investment that requires continual engagement. If you don’t connect with your subscribers on a regular basis you will not see regular leads.

You also don’t want to chase them away by sending an email out every day.

We can support you and run your full email marketing engagement strategy for your business.

We can either provide you with a detailed plan that you execute on your own or you can let me and my team run your campaigns for you.

Every time you send a campaign to your subscriber list, you should be driving a call to action to generate leads for your business.

This is a screen shot from one of our recent email campaigns for our own brand.

This database has just over 15000 subscribers. What you want to look at is your click rate because that is where the action happens.

As you can see a list of 15000 had 758 unique clicks for this send. That means that 758 people interacted with my call to action.

From this send we generated about 200 leads that came in. That is 200 leads from one send to your database.

If you send a campaign once per week and you get 200 leads every week that is a total of 800 leads per month that you are generating for your business.

The amount of leads you get will always be related to the size of your subscriber database, the strength of your email message and your product.

That is why it is important to focus on growing your subscriber base every month so your following will grow and you keep adding new potential clients to your database.

This is screens shots from our latest campaign to show you how it grows and how you can profile your data further through psycho- graphic targeting.

As you can see we only started canvasing for subscribers on the 16th of May.

In August we are on over 2000 subscribers.

The last list shows how you can convert your 2000 subscribers into multiple lists for better targeting. We have 26 different data lists for targeting from one campaign.

We know who is unemployed, employed or a business owner. We also know what products and services we market will interest them.

I hope you can see the benefits of segmenting your data. We can now target for example business owners interested in property investment.

When we market property investment then we can send a more personalized email to business owners that mentions points more relevant to their situation.

That is how you break through the noise and deliver content that your prospects care about.

Now that you can see how the system works to generate leads, I would like to show you how you will improve your return on investment with this strategy.

On this slide we have a break down for a company that would generate direct sales leads.

Sales Leads cost on average R100 per lead depending on the product.

So if this company had to pay R100 per lead it would cost them R80 000 to buy just 800 leads per month.

Over 10 months the cost would be R800 000 for just 8000 people’s details.

We all know that direct sales leads have a lower conversion rate because there is no previous relationship or trying to build trust before you pitch your offer.

The result is you end up paying more for a poorer quality lead.

Now we look at the return of investment if a company had to rather focus on building a subscriber base that would feed leads.

As showed before our database of about 15000 contacts will generate us about 200 leads per week.

So to get 200 leads the company would need to invest in 15000 subscribers. We know the cost to generate a subscriber is around R37.

So to generate 15000 subscribers would cost the company R550 000.

Once they have the subscribers, they can run weekly engagement campaigns to generate fresh leads for their business.

This would be a much more cost effective because you only run the monthly cost of the software and your campaign strategy to generate leads.

The pool of subscribers can keep feeding you leads over and over at a much more affordable rate.

You will also benefit from having better quality leads because you have built a relationship with them through your engagement strategy.

My clients often ask me how do I generate my leads.

And it’s simple through email marketing. I have used this strategy for 10 years and it’s the only way that we sell now.

I have done Facebook and Linked in selling courses and they both have the same outcome. You should only ever sell to your subscribers on your email marketing list.

This is how the big players sell online. This is what works.

Any business needs an email marketing lead generation system to generate better leads and drive sales.

It plugs in with your current marketing strategy to help you see a better return on your marketing investment.

Thank you again for sharing your time with me.

I hope that this helps you see how important it is to have the right strategy for online conversions.

If you are interested in getting your own lead generation system for your business then please do get in touch with me.

You can either contact me on my mobile number 081 270 1487 or email me at

Please do browse my website for more marketing tools and strategies to help you with your online presence.

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