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How to use email marketing to build trust

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Trust is the foundation of every good business relationship. It’s necessary to close deals and pay you long term dividends. The reality is people don’t buy from or refer customers to people they don’t trust. They want to first get to know you and make sure that you will be able to solve their problems before they commit.

That is why to be a trusted adviser, you must first gain your prospect’s trust.

You want to be able to build the emotional connection so they see you as the person that can solve their problems.

Most prospects never buy at first

I learnt in a webinar that the number of prospects that close straight away reduced from 10% to 3%. That means the other 97% of your market need more time to warm up to your business.

If your business isn’t going the way it should then you need to rethink your marketing strategy. Your marketing may be missing the emotional connection with your leads and customers.

You may be focusing too much on sales and not focusing on building the relationship and trust.

In this blog I will discuss some ways you can use email marketing to build trust.

Get permission

This is important for making the correct first impression. You only want to communicate with people that have engaged with your business. If you are collecting subscribers, they need to provide their consent before you can send them regular emails.

Any lead that you have had previous contact with is a good prospect to add to your email marketing mailing list.

To generate new subscribers, you can create a pop-up form on your website or embed the form on your website page. You can also use landing pages that are not linked to your website. This is a good way to ensure your traffic will not get distracted, so you have more conversions. They are great for direct campaigns.

Tip: Give something of value away in exchange for their email. Subscribers love this and it demonstrates your generosity when you start your relationship. It’s like they say ” You have to give something away to get something in return.

Here are examples of lead magnets you can use to get your traffic to subscribe:

  1. A competition or give away
  2. Offer a free trial or sample of your product or service
  3. Use a quiz or survey
  4. Offer a free guide
  5. Create a video series or mini short course
  6. Give away free shipping or discounts

Send welcoming emails

Welcoming emails have the highest opening rate of emails you send to subscribers. It’s also the first email you send and is crucial in building your relationship, so you want to be able to get this right.

Tip: A good place to start is to keep your email short and easy to read. You want to welcome them and let them know what they can expect from your emails. You may want to include helpful resources like links to previous blogs you wrote.

Send company newsletters

Company newsletters show insight into your company culture, mission and vision. They are also a way to keep your readers informed without selling.

You can use corporate newsletters to share information about achievements or charity events. They are also great for sharing information about your product features or services.

People don’t like being sold to! They want the option to choose to buy.

Too many companies focus on sales that they come off too salesy which can push the client away. The idea is to warm the client up first and let them come to you when they are ready.

That’s why a newsletter is a good tool to warm up your clients. You want to remain in their minds, so they choose you when they are ready to commit.

Share content of value

Content of value is anything that will be relevant to your prospect’s needs. You can share blog posts, videos tutorials, info-graphics or cheat sheets to name a few. To make sure your content it is relevant you will need to understand what makes your readers tick. You want to be able to get into their heads.

Use email surveys to gather information about your readers. You can ask questions to understand what your reader’s thoughts are. This information will be valuable in helping you understand and meet their needs.

The idea is to show competency, reliability and creativity through your content.

You want to catch their attention and become a reliable authority in your prospect’s eyes.

MailerLite email marketing for small business
Tip: MailerLite has a great feature for sending out surveys to your readers. I use it to gather information about my subscribers and then tag their answers to their profile.

It helps to send more relevant content to your subscribers.

Showcase authority through testimonials.

People tend to do what other people are doing- this is what marketers call social proof.

You can use testimonials as evidence to show that others have accepted you. This helps you increase your conversions.

Use email marketing to promote your client testimonials to clients at the right time. For example, when a client has abandoned their shopping cart on your website.

A great way of building social proof is to ask for recommendations on your social pages. You can send out an email to clients and ask them to rate your Facebook or LinkedIn Page for you.

General points to remember

  1. Regular email communication is best to remain in your readers mind.
  2. The key to engaging with your readers is to be as real as possible. Express your personality.
  3. Make sure your emails are not too long. You don’t want to lose their attention, so they don’t receive your message.
  4. Always make sure your emails are mobile responsive to cater for mobile devices.

Email marketing platform

I currently use around 6 different email platforms and MailerLite is my favorite. I recommend MailerLite because their user interface is very simple and user friendly.

You can use Mailerlite to:

  1. Generate landing pages and forms (including pop up) to generate new subscribers
  2. Create engaging newsletters that are mobile friendly
  3. Deliver personalized campaigns to your subscribers at the right time
  4. Set up automation campaigns for your sales funnel
  5. Host and manage your contacts
  6. Integrate your subscriber form on your website
  7. Track your campaign results

If you would like to find out more about MailerLite you can visit their website here:


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Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope my insight helps you see the value email marketing can play in building trust with your potential clients.


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