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Lock down marketing tips

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Hello, it’s day 5 in lock down here in Scarborough. We haven’t left the house since Thursday, so I have had a lot of spare time for researching to share with you today.

It’s month end and everyone can be online and connect, yet my email inbox is empty. Besides the covid-19 support emails, only the international companies are marketing now. It seems like South African businesses have gone into hibernation this last week.

Experts around the globe mention that covid-19 is forcing the 4th industrial revolution. During this period companies will need to find a way to move their business online.

Now is the time during lock down to prepare yourself for the future. With business closed, it’s a good time to focus on a plan of action for when you reopen.

Every business needs to have a solid online presence. The digital landscape changes at a rapid pace.

That is why if you are not online now, you will battle to keep up because a new paradigm is being created as you read this blog.

Yes, every day more and more people are finding creative ways to use their skills online. They are using the tools available to generate a following and income.

I have been working online for 10 years now. When I started my business all I knew about was Microsoft office and the internet.

But as I grew, I discovered all the amazing tools that you can use online to do so much more for you.

Today we are 2 people in the office, and we can deal with multiple clients thanks to software.

In the beginning working online can be challenging. But as you start to realize how much more productive you can be, you will soon fall in love with it.

Software allows us to free ourselves from everyday tasks, so we have more time available. Take this time to embrace how working in a digital space can add value to your life.

In this blog I share some insight into how you can approach your marketing during lock down.

Stay connected

Every business has a client base that needs nurturing during this period. Your competitors are going to be desperate for money and they will try twice as hard to win your clients over. That is why it is wise to rather find a way to connect and offer them support during this period.

I see a lot of companies giving online courses or reading material away for free. Other companies are offering discounts to assist clients during this period. Think of how you can reach out and offer support and let your clients know you are here from them.

Even if you cannot make money now, you can still work to retain your clients.

Clients that run campaigns now must send out the right message. You will need to change your campaigns to adapt to the current environment. Everyone is in a different head space.

I watched an advert on YouTube yesterday that shows people being happy and free to go places. This will not have the same emotional connection with your client’s during lock down.

Rather reach out from the heart and show support. Everyone has anxiety so your marketing needs to come from a place of love, not money.

Your clients and prospects will be online now more than ever with more time to listen. Use social media, articles, mobile platforms and email marketing to reach out.

Think how you can provide content of value in a digital space that will keep you in front of your clients in time of need.

Up your skills

More time on your hands equals more time available to study. We are moving online so if you are not tech savvy it’s a good time to up your computer skills.

When your business is going to operate in a digital space, you need to learn how to use all the software tools.

If you are working remote for the first time, then you may not even know of all the opportunities available.

There is so much free content at your disposal to learn online. I will share 2 links with you under the resources section at the bottom of this blog.

Plan your marketing strategy for after covid-19

The world as we know it will no longer exist after covid-19. The memory will be in people’s minds for a long time and this will change the way we do business in the future.

What worked last month with marketing no longer works now. The same will apply for when the lock down period is over.

Businesses will need time to create cash flow to spend. Consumers will be more cautious about public spaces and will spend more online.

The macro- environment has a direct impact on your business. You will need to realign your strategies and marketing campaign for the future.

If you want to succeed online your marketing strategy should include:

  1. A mobile responsive website that is SEO ready
  2. Website blog
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Google AdWords
  5. SEO
  6. Email marketing

A well-constructed plan will include all the above working together in harmony.

You want to ensure your website is fast and is mobile responsive to make sure your SEO will work.

The blog provides a platform for you to create engaging content and SEO helps people find it. You can also share this content on social media for building brand awareness.

You use Social media and google AdWords together to find high quality leads. Email marketing helps you convert your leads into paying clients.

So, as you can see it’s important to have the right strategy in place if you want to compete online in the future.

Support available

If you just read what you need for your marketing strategy and feel stressed – you don’t need to panic.

I have access to the best resources and teams across the globe that can help you get your business ready.

It’s the perfect time to reach out and see how we can assist you, so you come back stronger than before.

My door is open. To reach out please send an email to with details about your business.

Let me know what you need. I am here for you to help you move forward and embrace the new age.

It’s an exciting time to be alive!

Thank you for reading my blog. Please do share this with any business owners that may need some marketing guidance.

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