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On this website you will find marketing tools and tips based on our lead generation experience. JK Marketing Solutions is where we started our Cognito Business journey back in 2010.

Our vision was to use our marketing and sales experience to provide marketing support services to help other businesses grown through leveraging our talents.

Working with clients all over the world during the last decade has been a great experience. We worked in diverse industries, that helped us gain great insight into digital marketing. The hands on experience built our foundation and helped us acquire skills and identify trends that make us marketing experts today.

The digital landscape is always changing and we are evolving with it. It moves rapidly thanks to technology thus trends can change overnight. So if you want to be competitive, you need to have the latest tools and strategies to make your marketing work.

The problem is that not all businesses have access to the correct marketing information. Some also lack access to proper business systems so they lose more of their profit than they should. As the digital economy grows, there will be an even greater need to help South African businesses to successfully sell online.

It’s with this view that we realized that the greatest impact we can make now is to share our experience, education and insight with others that need to improve their marketing efforts. We want to empower businesses to help them find their ideal clients online without hassle.

How will this website will benefit you?

On our marketing tools tab you will be able to find the tools we use to drive traffic and connect with new clients. We are sharing the tools that we use or we recommend you use for your business marketing needs.

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The article tab provides articles with tips to show you how to use the marketing tools in your business.

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Cognito Business Network

Cognito Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a consulting company owner run by Vernon and Judy Hayes. We are an entrepreneur couple that discovered a need in a digital world. We have added the element of personal service with technology to help our clients satisfy their needs in more than one aspect of their lives.

The Cognito Business Network consists of five niche networks that provide solutions for our clients. We started with JK Marketing Solutions in 2010 and as we grew and learnt more about life, we opened up new divisions to serve our people.

Premier Finance

We use our financial intelligence to help business owners and professionals find funding partners. Use our network to access working capital to expand your business or for service support to help your clients access funding so you can close deals. We can also your employees seeking funding through NCR registered providers. Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted network for South African’s to access funding without hassle. Read more

Premier Debt

Premier Debt provides a trusted network for professionals and self- employed South African’s to seek advice and assistance with managing debt. We offer different solutions to provide our clients to choose a program that fits their needs. Read more

Profit FX

Profit FX is an online forex trading community that supports individuals interested in trading their own investment. Vernon is a seasoned Forex trader and he shares his knowledge, insight and trading tips to help more passionate traders succeed. Read more

Trilogy Health

Health, vitality and spirituality have helped us transformed our lives and given us the tools we need to maintain a balanced life and succeed. Our beliefs and values have helped us form a solid foundation in life, business and marriage. Through Trilogy Health we inspire others to turn to holistic healing and discover the path to true happiness. Follow us on Facebook

Please do browse our networks to learn more about our various solutions. If you would like to work with us you can consider our partner program.

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