A locally developed, feature rich and cost effective solution that is easy to use.

The system provides you with a powerful and intuitive cloud contact centre. You will have access to custom integrations and lightning fast deployment.

Key features


The software provides efficient administration, supervisor and agent training. It’s automated on boarding and in-app guidance gives you assistance at any time of need. This adds an exceptional amount of efficiency in getting new employees trained on how to use the system.

TSM user management

Security and access is at the heart of this platform. Every user can have different access rights. This ensures that managers, users and user groups only see and work with what they need. All events are tracked for accountability.

Data reporting

Having rich, relevant data at your fingertips is the best way to run a successful contact centre. This is why we focus on delivering the best practice reports. The additional features allow you to look at agent productivity in relation to their time management. I.e. around productive vs non-productive use of their time.

Call recording

The call centre suite comes with secure call recording functionality stored for 5 years as a standard. It offers an easy – to -use search interface with live browser playback.


If you are running a campaign you want to make sure the introduction message is always perfect. Scripting is a great way to train and ensure that agents maintain a high standard of clear communication with customers.

Pause codes and agent login workforce management

The system gives you the ability to create custom pause codes that can be set to productive pause. This is a super-useful work force management feature. It can seamlessly assist you in monitoring and capturing your agent’s time and attendance. You can also monitor participation and availability for better management.

Preview Dialer

Do you want to increase sales without burning through expensive contact lists? The preview dialer offers a feature rich dialer with full campaign management. Sticky agent, dispositions and adjustable call frequencies are also possible with this software.
The agent works the lead from cradle to sale. Before the call is automatically generate, the agent has time to preview who they are speaking to. This helps the agent prepare for the call is generated.
We see that preview dialers have a much higher conversion rate compared with predictive dialers.

Power dialer

This is probably the smartest dialer available, especially if you are looking to get the best of both worlds. It is as fast as a predictive dialer and uses the same cradle to sale methodology as a preview dialer. It has a similar dialing algorithm as a predictive dialer but it’s different. The agent works the number of leads per campaign instead of the numbers of calls made per campaign.
It includes the features of the predictive dialer in voicemail detection and setting dialer ratios. Where it differs is that the agents can work their leads from cradle to sale. This results in a more proactive, prepared agent and thus higher conversion rates.

Package price list

Call centre call rate pricing

Mobile rate: 59c per minute

Landline rate: 28c per minute

Voip/Other: 39c per minute

Quoting requirements

The most efficient way for us to provide you with an accurate quotation is to request a copy of your latest phone bill. This will help our partner to give you proper advice and help you cut unnecessary costs. Our goal is show you value and help you grow your business at a reduced cost.

We offer a comprehensive solution to take your agents online:

  • Telephony & IPBX
  • Hosted & cloud tech
  • IT & managed services
  • Connectivity and data

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