Get access to 98%+ accuracy on your email data. More than 10 000 multi-sized businesses trust this solution to deliver real-time validation.

You no longer need to let honey pots, hard bounces and non-valid emails mess with your email delivery. You can validate, verify and clean your email list in real time.


Accurate result

You get 98%+ clear-cut results to maintain your sender reputation

Affordable pricing

The pricing is affordable and you have full transparency in how you spend your money.
Accelerated turnaround time.From an incorrect spell check to mail server verification, the system has a fast turn around time

Accelerated turnaround time

From an incorrect spell check to mail server verification, the system has a fast turn around time

Anywhere on any device

On-the go accessibility is important for productivity. You will have easy access at any time, anywhere and on any device.

Validation checks

Duplicate Removing

Removes all duplicate email addresses automatically

Catch-All Verification

Identify the catch-all type addresses. By avoiding these email addresses you can improve your deliverability hygiene.

Syntax Validation

Cleans your email list by conforming invalid syntax to the standard format

Blacklist Verification

This email tester will check against known DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs to stay a step away from the honeypot

Yahoo, AOL Validation

Provides highest industry mail performance ratios for Yahoo and AOL with 96%+ accuracy

Remove Dots

Normalize the account name by removing the dots of the Gmail address. This will avoid multiple email addresses pointing to the same inbox

Remove Sub address

Normalizes the sub address from the Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/ iCloud. This will avoid multiple email addresses pointing to the same inbox

Auto Suggestion

Eliminates spelling errors and typos in the email addresses by auto-suggesting

Risk Verification

Verifies the addresses against the anti-spam lists.

Disposable Email Verification

Verifies the email addresses to check if it is from a disposable email provider

Extended SMTP Validation

Verifies SMTP providers for every email address to determine the active mail servers

Spam Trap Detection

Multi-layered algorithm determining chances of an email address to be a spam trap.

Domain Verification

Checks for the successful network connection to the mail server domain

MX Record Verification

Validates priority based MX records for available Mail Exchange servers. This is done to determine the mailbox status

Mailbox Quota Verification

Verifies the mailbox to ensure it accepts new emails

Mailbox Error Verification

Verifies all kind of mailbox errors without sending any payload to the given email address

Deliverability Score

Get the deliverability score for every address for better email deliverability

Role Account Verification

Identifies all role-based email addresses like admin, support or sales from the list

Verification Time Taken

Measures the response time for every email address by a simple open relay check

Verification Timestamp

You will have a time stamp validation for your records.

Free Account Verification

Checks whether the email addresses are using free services such as Gmail and Hotmail or not.


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