Selling Skills for the Entrepreneur

Sales is the life blood of any business.

“Nothing happens in business until somebody sells something.” Charles Handy

The challenge for entrepreneurs is that they know how to build a boat, designed a website or create a robot, but they rarely start that business with an understanding of what it takes to sell their products once they are built. This is where we can help.

These sales online courses are going to help you develop the skills to sell.

Closing Every Sale

The skill to close the sale and handle difficult objections will set you apart from the average sales person. In this course you will work through the skills with the theory and practical examples. You will use the skills to answer the questions in the quiz and then be encouraged to go out and try them with your customers. If you use these skills you will close more sales, earn more commission and become a much more respected sales person.

Selling at your higher price

We don’t live in a price driven market, we live in a quality driven market. Price is never the only criteria that matters and you can become more competitive by increasing your price.

Selling over the telephone

This course is designed to change the way you and your sales team use the most important business tool in your office, or in your pocket. You will look at the different types of calls you make and how best to make them. Learn a foolproof method of making appointments over the telephone and how to write telephone scripts that sell. You will cover the best way to handle complaints over the telephone and how to use the phone to form lasting relationships.