3G & 4G Mobile Data

3G and 4G Mobile data solutions. NSN data mobility for your convenience.

Leveraging the most mature mobile networks in South Africa, NSN provides mobile LTE connections across the country for your mobility convenience. All services are tested with NSN iPBX to ensure that they work without hassle.

  1. LTE-A/Rain
  2. Telkom
  3. MTN
  4. Vodacom
  5. Cell C

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Fibre leased lines

Speeds of up to 1Gbps delivered on fibre directly into your premises. Pure bandwidth, secure and always on tap to your premises.

Our partner is able to provide dedicated fibre lines direct to your business or home premises to cater for your bandwidth requirements. They use a variety of suppliers and continue to expand on their suppliers to ensure they can cover you wherever you are located.

Business grade Leased Line circuits come with 99.9% uptime and strict SLAs to support your business needs.

With speeds of up to 1Gbps delivered on fibre directly into your premises. Pure, uncontended bandwidth for your business needs; secure and always on tap to your premises.

  1. Liquid Telecom
  2. Bitco
  3. Vumatel Fibre
  4. Openserve Fibre
  5. Vox Telecom
  6. Seacom

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Reaching you where no others can!
Variety of speeds available, dependent on coverage and distance to the closest high site.

Our partner uses a range of fixed wireless providers to supply customers with business grade wireless internet access. For high bandwidth usage and low latency to cater for your business VOIP and Data needs NSN Microwave will be an excellent alternative or failover to a NSN Fibre Leased Line.

  1. Liquid Telecom
  2. Bitco
  3. Easyweb

Let us manage your internet connectivity for you

Get exceptional service with a personalized touch. Our team will ensure your business remains connected through managing your internet line for you. You no longer have to deal with the frustration of contacting call centres and waiting days for a technician to solve problems. You will have a trained tech team at your service to handle your internet hassles while you focus on your business.