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Our provider has been in business since 2009 and is a trusted name in the SMS industry. Their user friendly online bulk sms platform caters for marketers of all levels.

Using SMS in your business communication helps deliver a better customer experience. Reach your members, close a sale or build a community with the amazing features this program has to offer.

Key features

Regular bulk SMS

Send an effective text message to your database in a few minutes. You can upload your contacts in lists and include extra information for personalization.

The system is easy to use. Simply answer the Who, What & When questions on the dashboard to launch your campaign.
The bulk SMS solution includes a choice of 3 links that you can insert to your message with a click:

1. Automatically add opt out web link

What are auto opt out links?

Auto opt out links are URLs that are automatically generated and added to the end of your SMS text. These links can be clicked by your destination contacts, which allow them to opt out. When this happens they are automatically added to your blacklist.

2. Automatically add a response link

What are auto respond links?

Auto response links are URLs that are automatically generated and added to the end of your SMS text. Your destination contacts can navigate to these links, which will allow them to opt in. Any contact that chooses to opt in will appear as a yes in the message inbox.

3. Request feedback

What are auto feedback links?

Auto feedback links are URLs that are automatically generated and added to the end of your SMS text. When your destination contacts click on the link they are asked to complete the required information. You will receive the information as a message in your inbox. The auto feedback links includes the ability for your contacts to opt out of future communication.

Genius bulk SMS

Genius SMS lets you add extra content such as videos, images and pdfs to your message. You will use the “create new flyer ” to build mobile flyers. The flyer gets added as a link to your SMS. You can also include social media buttons to allow your customers to share your content for viral engagement.

Instant delivery

Deliver your message in seconds. Use this powerful tool to instantly communicate your message to your clients. SMS provides the best platform to reach your customers with a time sensitive message.
Use it for short term promotions or reminders to get the best results in your messaging.

Receive SMS replies

You can access all your messages in one inbox. This helps to manage your messages efficiently so you never miss a client.

Auto unsubscribe/blacklisting

Let the system manage your opt out contacts for you. You can use the automatic opt out link to automatically add your contacts to your blacklist. This gives you peace of mind that your contacts are well managed to avoid any chances of unhappy clients.

Customized/personalized SMS

The system allows you to insert fields into your message using place holders. You can include the contact’s name, mobile number, email address and id number.

Keyword campaign manager

Use the category manager to create and manage clients and categories. The virtual tags help you to manage your data and campaigns with ease.

Real time DLR reports

In the reports sections you can get access to real time stats so you can track your campaign. The reporting overview provides information on delivered, pending, failed, rejected, blacklisted and replies.

Group/phone book manager

Assign your contacts to different lists for better contact management. The dash board also includes a history tab that allows you to view the send history for each contact.

API integration

Every service has a default API user that you can use to incorporate SMS messaging in your business transactions.

Low balance notification

This is a setting that you can select to setup an email alert to notify you when your balance is low. When your credits drop below a certain threshold- the system will automatically email you.

Supported networks

The software supports Vodacom, Mtn, 8ta, virgin mobile and cell c. The routing will be setup for you before you receive your system.


No. of SMSPrice/SMS
500 – 999922 CENTS
10,000 – 19,99921 CENTS
20000 – 29,99920 CENTS
30000 – 49,99919 CENTS
50000 – 99,99918 CENTS
100,000 – AbovePrice on request
( Prices quoted are Ex Vat )

Free trial

If you are looking for an all in one SMS platform with great customer service then this is the solution for you. We would love to give you a free trial to test out the system. Please complete our form and we will setup a trial for you.

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