Business Schools often teach the law of supply and demand that suggests that if you lower your price you will sell more products. In the real world of business this is just not true. By lowering your price you are lowering the perceived quality of the product you are selling. This is not the best way to grow your business and even if you do sell your products you are selling at a lower GP.

In the ‘Selling at your Higher Price’ course you will learn how to price your products correctly getting your customers to focus on the ‘Value’ they are getting at your higher price.

Course Curriculum

  1. Quality vs price
  2. Everybody is in quality
  3. Quality is in the little things
  4. Quality is in the guarantee
  5. It is easier to sell the higher priced product
  6. The circle of satisfaction
  7. Buyer’s- it’s too expensive
  8. Demonstrate value

Virtual training events


Join one of the public online events:

R695 per person


Arrange a private event for your employees:

R8900 for half a day for up to 15 people. Add additional employees for R500 per person

R16800 for half a day for 30 people and above.