Our trainer is one of South Africa’s leading Sales Speakers and Trainers and over the last 25 years has inspired more than 200,000 business people throughout three continents. His many years in industry, speaking to audiences all over the world gives him the experience, and you the confidence, to book him for your next sales convention or conference.

Marketing training

You might have the best product or service in the world. But if no one knows it exists, you’ll never make any money out of your million dollar idea. That’s where marketing comes in.

Marketing is no longer as simple as putting up a billboard or buying ads in the phone book. Times have changed, which means your marketing strategy needs to keep up. This training will help you and your team navigate the digital playing field that has come to define marketing.

Sales training

Are your sales executives putting in the effort but not seeing the results?

Are they struggling to close deals and meet targets? 

Our training courses focuses on strengthening self-management skills while developing confidence and sales effectiveness so that your team can successfully bring in sales. The course focuses on developing successful sales habits so that you can increase sales referrals, boost confidence levels and deliver great customer service every time.