This is a solution for clients that want to send their own campaigns.

The big players in email marketing have strict restrictions of use. They only accept subscribers that give permission to receive your emails. This provides restrictions for many emerging markets where businesses operate with list rentals.

To solve this problem we developed a way for our clients to access our email marketing tools.

We will provide and manage your sending server for you while you run your campaigns. You will use the same software that we use to generate our own leads.

Dedicated sending server

Rent a dedicated server for 30 days. The server has the capacity to send from 800 000 to 1 million emails per month. You will have a daily sending capacity so your emails are sent over 30 days.

This is your own dedicated sending solution so you do not share ip addresses with other clients. You can use your database without permission at your own risk. If your server gets suspended then you will loose your server for the remainder of the period. You can then purchase a new server to continue with your campaigns.

For best results we recommend that you clean your lists before you send a campaign. This will help you to maintain your ip reputation so you see consistent results from your server. Dirty lists with spam traps will also increase your risks of spam complaints. All this can be avoided with a proper email list cleaning solution.

In the beginning your server will start slow so your daily sending capacity will be low. This will increase over time. We use this method to protect your server reputation so you get best results with your campaigns.


Once off setup fee: R750

We charge a once off setup fee to setup your server on your domain and provide the software. This fee applies for all new servers.

Monthly rental: R3500

The server runs for 30 days. If you do not wish to renew then you can remove your data at the end of the period and the server will expire. If you choose to continue using the server you just pay the monthly rental for the next month.

Credit sending solution

R6000 for 1 million credits

The credit solution suits clients that need to send emails over a shorter period. We can provide you sending credits linked to our servers. You will have the capacity to deliver 100 000 emails per day sending multiple campaigns.
This is a server sharing solution so its only available to clients that have clean lists. If you have purchased lists that are not clean, we can clean the lists for you before you start your campaigns.

Sending requirement

We need you to provide us with a domain to use for your software. We recommend creating a new domain that you use only for email marketing.

Set up period

For both options we require 2 to 4 day set up period. We need to order the server and configure it for you which can take a few days.

Interspire software

Interspire provides an all in one solution for you to send your campaigns.
You can track your open and click through rates. It also has a feature to blacklist complainers so they never send to them again.

View the images below for full features of the software.

Campaign management

If you looked at the software and feel it’s too complicated then you don’t have to panic. We know that email marketing can become quite evolved which may take you away from your important responsibilities.

That’s why we also support clients who need us to manage your campaigns for you. We can provide you with a full email marketing plan to suit your business needs. The pricing depends on your campaign strategy.

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