We work with partners that own high traffic finance websites and can provide opportunity for related industries. The clients apply on a website for a personal loan and are notified that they will be contacted for other related finance products. This niche market provides opportunity for companies in finance, or debt restructuring like debt review.

Daily batches

We supply the records in batches on a daily basis to ensure quality.

The records include name, surname, cell and email address.

You can select your income bracket between R5000- R50 000 per month.

500 records = R1750

1000 records = R2500

Data expectations

We provide this service for our client’s to access a suitable market. The data records will help you to pitch your product and service to an audience where you know there is a high probability you will find your ideal client. We help you zone into a market segment that would not be possible using ordinary demographic data, because the clients you require need to meet certain criteria. This is a specialized market and the only way to access it is to partner with other companies where you know your client’s are “hanging out”.

Our goal is to connect you with your suitable audience. We do not provide any guarantees for sales conversions because the sale depends on the sales team selling skills, your campaign and if you can build trust with the audience.

Data purchase terms

Due to the nature of this market, we must generate the data so there is a limited monthly supply that we share between our clients and campaigns.

Please take note of our terms to access our loan decline market:

  1. Payment terms. Full upfront payment is required for all data records.
  2. Data distribution. You will receive the leads daily until your order is complete.
  3. Duplicates. There is a percentage of the market that do apply for loans more than one time. It is a very small percentage but we do get clients that apply for every single loan they can find. It’s the nature of the market because most of the clients are in financial distress or used to living off credit so they are trapped in the credit cycle. Our advice is to chat to these clients and mention that it’s not the first time a partner sent you their details for assistance. You can use the situation as leverage to close the sale.
  4. Clients under debt review. Like the duplicates, there are clients under debt review that struggle to live without credit. They will still try apply for a loan even though they do not qualify to apply. The system will decline the application for debt review and include the leads with our declined applications. There is unfortunately no way for us to separate the records from the data so they will be included in the market.
  5. Usage policy. The data owners have provided consent for our clients to use data for the agreed campaigns only. You will have exclusive access to the data for 30 days. The data is also not to be resold or recycled for other campaigns. We have these measures in place to protect all parties against abuse and maintain the data quality, so that you continue to have access to a quality market.
  6. Popi requirements. To ensure protection of the data subjects we will require a direct marketing association certificate to supply your company leads. Please read this article for information on how to become a member.

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