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How financial advisers can generate better appointments

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Eighty percent of new financial advisers that connect with me has had a prior bad experience with appointment bookings. When I hear clients having three bad experiences in a row it motivates me to find out why this is happening in my industry. Marketing spend should have a direct return on investment. The output should outweigh the cost of the campaign. But sadly this is not the case for many financial advisers that are spending with little to no return.

To find a solution, we have to understand the root of the problem. I am going to share my insight based on my experience and what I see in the market.

Here are reasons why appointment booking campaigns can fail:

Agents lack core values needed to connect with your ideal client

Most of the telesales calls I receive are to book an appointment with a financial adviser. I haven’t received one call that I can remember that excited me and actually made me want to consider the option.

Agents lack enthusiasm. Most agents have one tone so they don’t sound excited about their job. You don’t feel that passion or excitement that sparks an emotional connection. This is the first impression that you make- it’s the introduction and you want to have that connection. If you don’t, the client is not invested and could result in wasting your time.

In some cases agents lack basic skills to connect with your ideal client. They may not be able to listen to the client which means they miss the key pain points that make a difference. Skills and experience build confidence which the client listens for on the call.

If your ideal client is someone that earns over R20 000, is married and owns a home. This person could have lived life experiences different to that of the agent. They will need a conversation that sparks their interest which may be above the agent’s capabilities.

Misalignment of goals between all parties.

A financial adviser is searching for new clients that take policies. The marketing company sells leads, so their client is the financial adviser. The agent employed by the marketing company is looking for a job from 9am to 5pm.

It looks like the perfect mix but it’s very difficult to find the right combination that works. In most cases everyone is chasing money. The agent needs a job and is chasing money to cover the bills. The marketing company needs to pay salaries and lead costs to make a profit, so they need to sell volumes. Their goal is to sell leads.

If you are paying R500 per lead- that is all the money the company will see from that transaction. In order for them to keep earning they have to keep finding clients to say yes. The agent must meet sales targets so they will do anything to get an appointment. The marketing company must keep costs low to make a profit. So quality gets compromised with quantity.

If you partner with the company that is not aligned with your goals, they will not generate a good return with your investment. This is why so many advisers are left feeling “scammed”. You need to make sure everyone sees your vision clearly and can deliver as expected.

Incorrect profile

It’s important that the profile used for campaigns is the correct spec. If the market does not suit your ideal client then you will not receive great appointments. The client’s will not resonate with your ideas and you will feel disappointed.

This seems to be a common issue with leads. The marketing company does not understand who your client is. They are working off a general profile that is not targeted to cater for your specific needs.

How to generate better appointments

The best way to ensure your appointments are of good quality, is to take control of booking your meetings. Instead of outsourcing the service, you can buy the market (records) to generate your own leads.

When you generate your own leads you are in control of the introduction. You can use the opportunity to scan the client and pick up information that helps you prepare for the meeting. It’s also an opportunity to break the ice and establish an emotional connection.
Signing with a financial adviser is a personal matter that requires personalized attention. This is why companies that generate their own leads see a better return. You will enjoy a better quality appointments at a lower cost per lead.

Current results from new clients

As we moved to lower lock down levels I started connecting with financial advisers. This is where I learnt about all the disappointing cases that lead to me writing this article. Many connections showed interest and five clients took a leap of faith to trust me and try one more time.

I am pleased to report that we have had a one hundred percent positive feedback from all the clients. Everyone was happy and I have even received referrals for more interested clients. One of the clients was not fond of cold calling and he managed to get his first appointment from 10 records.

The success was a combination of my lead generation experience and access to the right market.

How it works

I have a relationship with the database owner to rent you the data records for your ideal market. We will build a market spec based on who your ideal client is and provide you with records that match.

You can use the market in your business to generate your own leads. Generally clients cold call or have an assistant to call for them. You can also send sms messages and call positive responses.

I do assist with this service if you prefer to have this service managed. We have an option to send sms flyers and generate whatsapp leads as well.

Your market will cost you R5000 for 5000 records. You will receive your records within 48 hours after receipt of payment.
All records come with a 70% contact guarantee. The database owner is POPIA complaint and has their certificate of excellence. You are in good hands and this will add great value to your lead generating process.

Order Now

We have limited time left until December holidays so now is the time to take action. If you are interested, let’s book a call or an online meeting and discuss your needs.

You can reach out to me on email or whatsapp or call me on 081 270 1487

For more information about the database please visit

I look forward to helping you connect with clients you will love.

Thank you for your support. Please feel free to share this article with your colleagues that may need assistance.

Yours in Business

Judy Hayes

JK Marketing Solutions

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